About Us

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The Ballarat Toy Library has been running for over 35 years as a volunteer community organisation. A committee of members is responsible for overseeing its operation. All members are invited to join the committee and are welcome to attend meetings which are held monthly.


We loan a wide range of quality toys, equipment, puzzles and games, saving our members money, storage space and reducing our carbon footprint.

With a membership to the Toy Library, you can easily meet the ever-changing and growing needs of your children at each stage of development.

You can discover what toys they most enjoy before buying for them and it is a great place to meet other families in your community.

Every family with young children in and around Ballarat is welcome to be a member of the Ballarat Toy Library. 

  • Help the environment and reduce landfill by sharing toys rather than buying them.

  • Save money! For the price of one good quality toy you can have access to a great variety of toys all year around.

  • Save space by not having to store large or multiple toys in your household.

  • Access to toys suitable for your child's needs.

  • Meet other families

Why join a Toy Library?
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